Clearblue Fertility Monitor: How To Know When You Are Ovulating


Clear Blue Moniter

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The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is something that I personally used for 12 years and highly recommend. I found it to be 100% accurate. Honestly, it was the best $200 I ever spent. Since I first purchased it the price has come down and it is currently only $111.00 on Amazon.

The monitor reads a urine test and identifies the user’s hormone levels.

The urine test is very simple, it is similar to a pregnancy test in that you simply place the test strip in a stream of urine and then place it in the monitor.

For a proper reading, it is important to use the first urination of the day.

Once the first reading of the cycle takes place – there is a ‘fertility reading time-frame’ of 3 hrs. before and 3 hrs. after – the time of that first reading.

For example, if the first reading of the cycle is at 8.00 am, the fertility reading window will be open from 5.00 am to 11.00 am (three hours before 8.00 am and three hours after 8.00 am) and that window won’t change until the next cycle.

Using a fertility monitor is a simple process in that it does not require taking temperature, checking mucus, charting etc. Clearblue maintain that their fertility monitor is 99% accurate.

Knowing when you ovulate not only helps with achieving or avoiding pregnancy, but also helps you know your body and  what effects the hormones are having on you.

Fertility hormonal symptoms can be: Bloating, headaches, pain where the ovaries are as they drop..etc.

It’s nice to know – oh.. I have that pain because I’m ovulating…. So to all Mom’s out there… this is a good thing to buy your daughter once they start their menses, it will teach her to know her body, and learn how hormones affect her from a young age.

Knowing when you ovulate is important. The younger someone can learn that the better off they will be.

This knowledge can help women avoid ingesting artificial hormones for decades, which come with a myriad of health risks attached.