About Me

Hi there!

Let me tell you something about myself and the reason for starting this website. This year my husband and I will be married thirty years. When I look back and ponder the reason for the longevity, and relationship success, I can identify one pivotal moment, one pivotal decision that led to this success.

About fifteen years into our marriage, when the marriage was in a bit of a slump, we took a leap of faith and embraced natural family planning. We’ve never looked back!

Since I was the one that wanted to go the natural family planning route we made a pact (we were trying to avoid pregnancy),  my husband agreed to abstain during the fertile days and I agreed to be available 24/7 for the non-fertile days. So each month we would go through a ‘dating’ phase and then a ‘consummation’ phase and what this did was keep sex fun and alive in our marriage, it ignited a deep love in us that grows deeper as each year goes by.

It’s interesting to note that in America marriage has a 50% success rate but for couples practicing natural family planning, there is a 95% success rate….

So if you are a woman that wants to be cherished by her man,  or a man that wants to know how to cherish his woman, I hope you will spend some time browsing this website and if you like what you see – I hope you will help spread the word.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn a little about natural family planning.